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TIMES ONLINE January 21, 2010
I decided to write a short analysis about an article of the Times.

Headline: “Hillary Clinton throws gauntled down to China over censorship” is the headline of the article. The reader has a short introduction of what he can expect in the following article and it gives the main information. The headline also wants to attract the reader´s interest.
The article is devided in paragraphs, which makes it easy to follow and to read. The reader is informed about Hillary Clinton´s opinion facing the censorship of internet in China. The text also gives background information and shows the opinion of Google on this topic.
There are a lot of foreign words which you have to look up but the language and structure is clear and good to understand.
Visual material:
Just one photo completes the article, which is a bit unspectacular.
Layout: It´s a typical layout for an online article: Headline – Photo (with subtitle) – main article
On the scale of things, it´s an absolutly typical online article by a broadsheet, which has a good quality. It gives the necessary information and is written in proper English.


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