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Labor Shortage
“In Haiti, children are regularly loaned to other households, and the unluckiest are treated like slaves. The quake won’t change that.”

Analysis of the structure:
The article has a title with a subtitle, which is a short introduction. Furthermore it gives background information on the topic and some statistic facts. It has also a main part and ends with a prospect.

Stylistic devices:
The text gives details about the difficult circumstances for so many people after the earthquake, which effects the reader, because it evokes understanding and compassion. The author of this article shows his own opinion with the way of presenting the topic and the selection of details and quotes, which is also important for the effect on the reader.

List of words, which are stylisitc devices:
“social ties” “silver lining” -> Metaphor
“Now, as before, and for better or worse, that will happen on their own terms.” (I donĀ“t know the exact function)


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