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○ main occupation of people, spend too much time
○ has become main culture (what about other cutural stuff?)
○ creates a community of its own; people get lonely in front of the television
○ TV is a surrogate for church
○ people only believe what they see on TV
○ makes people dumb and dumber

german student
german guy


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Social Networks

○How important is a social network for me?
○Which one do i use or tihnk about using next?
○Why, reasons?

-> For me personally a social network is important, because it is useful and good as long as you are not getting addicted. You can connect with your friends in an easy way and swap ideas on different topics like homework and stuff like that.
-> I am on morphex, facebook, myspace and schülervz, but I use morphex and facebook the most.
->Mostly all of my friends joined morphex, so I can have contact  to everyone of them and facebook has so many features, which are really cool.

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