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Social Networks

○How important is a social network for me?
○Which one do i use or tihnk about using next?
○Why, reasons?

-> For me personally a social network is important, because it is useful and good as long as you are not getting addicted. You can connect with your friends in an easy way and swap ideas on different topics like homework and stuff like that.
-> I am on morphex, facebook, myspace and schülervz, but I use morphex and facebook the most.
->Mostly all of my friends joined morphex, so I can have contact  to everyone of them and facebook has so many features, which are really cool.


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Labor Shortage
“In Haiti, children are regularly loaned to other households, and the unluckiest are treated like slaves. The quake won’t change that.”

Analysis of the structure:
The article has a title with a subtitle, which is a short introduction. Furthermore it gives background information on the topic and some statistic facts. It has also a main part and ends with a prospect.

Stylistic devices:
The text gives details about the difficult circumstances for so many people after the earthquake, which effects the reader, because it evokes understanding and compassion. The author of this article shows his own opinion with the way of presenting the topic and the selection of details and quotes, which is also important for the effect on the reader.

List of words, which are stylisitc devices:
“social ties” “silver lining” -> Metaphor
“Now, as before, and for better or worse, that will happen on their own terms.” (I don´t know the exact function)

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TIMES ONLINE January 21, 2010
I decided to write a short analysis about an article of the Times.

Headline: “Hillary Clinton throws gauntled down to China over censorship” is the headline of the article. The reader has a short introduction of what he can expect in the following article and it gives the main information. The headline also wants to attract the reader´s interest.
The article is devided in paragraphs, which makes it easy to follow and to read. The reader is informed about Hillary Clinton´s opinion facing the censorship of internet in China. The text also gives background information and shows the opinion of Google on this topic.
There are a lot of foreign words which you have to look up but the language and structure is clear and good to understand.
Visual material:
Just one photo completes the article, which is a bit unspectacular.
Layout: It´s a typical layout for an online article: Headline – Photo (with subtitle) – main article
On the scale of things, it´s an absolutly typical online article by a broadsheet, which has a good quality. It gives the necessary information and is written in proper English.

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The Seminarfach is about learning useful work methods for our Facharbeit and in general for other courses, in which we work with literature and for example articles.
In detail, we learned to qoute, how to analyse newspaper articles, how to write good summaries and interpret different kinds of text.
Another suggestive method was learning how to write a composition, because it´s useful for other classes.
Altogether I have to say that the Seminarfach is very helpful especially for dealing with literature and preparing the Facharbeit.

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In the years before 1868 Great Britain deported children from poor families to Australia, because it wasn´t easy to finance all the poor children and Australia needed good immigrants for working. This idea was a decision by the governments of Australia and Great Britain and they put the children into orphanages in Australia.
After this event the question arise:  Should the state interfere with parental education?
Sometimes, it can be very sensible to interfere in parental education, especially in those poor families, in those a lot of children are raped and don´t receive love from their parents. Then a life in an orphanage would be the better alternative, because there they get food and can have access to education.
But it´s not always the case that interfering is the better idea, because if there is no good reason, why they should for example given away and the state is just interested in their own advantages, it is absolutly unacceptable.
All in all, in my opinion it is in some special cases good to interfere in parental education, but there has to be a good reason and it should be in behoof of the children.

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Citizens are hesitant towards injection against swine flu

According to the latest statistics, the majority of germans refuses to get vaccinated against the swine flu. Now, doctors and politicans call on the population to get an injection against H1N1. But is it really necessary to get this injection or is it just inciting panic?
First of all, we should mention that the swine flu is very infectious and an injection would be on the basis of this fact reasonable, but on the other hand people say that it isn´t such a bad disease and just another flu. Only 5% of the population got the injection, but the swine flu is still a serious influenza said the Bundesgesundheitsministerium. This is an important fact, which should be taken seriously. A lot of people are of the opinion that it is just inciting panic, because 86 people died, because of diseases they had before. Another argument for the injection is that you don´t have to pay anything, because the health insurance pays for it.
To put it into a nutshell, I would favor and suggest the injection, because there is the possibilty that the virus mutated and there are some deaths, which are caused by the swine flu. Especially children should get vaccinated.


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Michael Collins lived between 1890 and 1922. As the „creator of the Irish Free state”1 he was a national hero.He organized the ICA (Irish Citizen Army), signed the seperation treaty in 1921, became member of the provisorial government and died by an assassin from enemies of the treaty.2 („He was shot by Republicans who opposed the Anglo – Irish Treaty”3) So he played a big Role in the Easter Rising in 1916.


1 Michael Collins, Artikel in: Encarta, hg. von Nigel Newton, 1999, S.376 2 vgl. Collins: Artikel in: Die Zeit: Das Lexikon, hg. von Gerd Bucerius, Hamburg 2005, S.129 3 Michael Collins, Encarta

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